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States Of Mind (2024)

2h   |   English   |  Ché Baker 

Comedy / Horror

FORMAT: Feature Film 
PRODUCERS: Sarah Mason, Ché Baker


Kiran Shah (StarWars, Indiana Jones, Narnia)

Vanessa Moltzen (Chosen, Reef Break)

Shalane Connors (VR Grampa)

Mayen Mehta (Interceptor, Sweet Tooth)

Barbara Hastings (Mrs Cox’s Life Hacks, Blue World Order)

Clayton Jacobson (Top of the Lake, Animal Kingdom)

Shingo Usami (The Terror. Red Dog)

Jack Martin (The Legend of Ben Hall)



Final stages of post production

Open to offers

A meditation retreat in a haunted house...what could possibly go wrong??


University students Ali and Vanessa leap from the back of an old pickup truck and thank the driver. No one wanted to bring them up to the mansion on the hill in this remote Australian town. Still, the study being conducted at the retreat pays well, so they make their way through the iron gate and up the winding road.

They’re met by the eccentric Professor Manchester, a man barely three feet tall, and full of quirky charisma. His giant, mute assistant takes their bags and the girls explore the house - a mansion as eccentric as the Professor himself.

They meet the other guests: Brandon, an enthusiastic physiotherapy student; Melanie, a cheap psychic from Byron; and Nathan, a vegan hippie high on life. It seems every guest has their story, and their secrets.

After an 'enormous' meal prepared by the boisterous Cook O’Rourke, the mediation sessions begin. From yoga to ‘remote viewing', the Professor seeks to study all forms of consciousness.

The group is amazed when they’re successfully able to ‘remotely view’ an image. The delighted Professor explains his theory: that consciousness is a frequency that lives external to the body, and that each person is ‘tuned’ in to their own brain, like a radio receiving a song. He explains that an energy field surrounding the property enhances the signal.

Returning from the session, Nathan falls ill; but refuses to leave the house and forfeit his fee. The illness takes a sinister turn and, suspecting he knows the reason for the illness, Cook O’Rourke begins treating him in secret - with an exorcism. The Irish ‘cook’ wears the collar of a priest hidden under his apron...

When a raging storm takes out the power to the house, the group learn much more than the weekend’s plan is at stake: During the 1920’s, a seance went horribly wrong, where innocent children inadvertently invited ‘entities’ into the house. The group learn the energy field that enhances their abilities, also protects them, but with the power out, the field is down, and no one is safe.

While discovering the house’s dark history, the mission to restore power intensifies. One by one the group are claimed; with the entities feeding on the energy of the living. As they become possessed, the guests are displaced from their own bodies and have to ‘borrow’ those of their fellow group members! Suddenly no one quite knows who is who!

In a terrifying race against time, Ali and Vanessa must uncover the study’s true agenda in order to escape, all while fighting for their lives against those who are inhabited by the entities; But who’s plan are they really part of? This mind bending mystery is equal parts hilarious and terrifying, fun and frightening, with a diverse cast of characters and a mystery to keep the audience guessing to the very end!

States of Mind does for meditation what Jaws did for the ocean! But really... just try to breathe....

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