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Searching for Archibald

Who is Leseley Wengembo?

A self taught artist from Papua New Guinea who’s exceptional passion and talent gained him entry to the National Art School in Sydney.

Telling Lesley’s story through an exploration of his many art works, we will follow his quest to complete his entry into the 2021 Archibald Prize.


The search for his subject, the face that will carry his hopes into the competition, will act as a backdrop of his exploration of Australian culture through the eyes of a young new generation artist - an extraordinary person on an extraordinary mission:

To heal the past and inspire youth  through art. 

We’ll learn about his story, journey to Australia, and what his art means to him as he searches for the perfect subject.

AUSTRALIAN ACTOR BRUCE SPENCE - could he be the face of a nation?

From MAD MAX to PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN and independent films like BLUE WORLD ORDER, Bruce Spence has a face that all Australian’s know, but many aren’t sure where from. 

He represents the hard working, high talent of the Australian ‘everyman’. His face is etched with the character of a country. Who is he? What does he stand for?

He is one of the faces Leseley wants to capture on canvas. A face with a story on the surface, and a story underneath.

Bruce 1.jpeg

See an example of Leseley at work

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