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Set up, perform, pack down, travel. 

For 17 year old performer Danni, it’s the only life she’s ever known. Her entire extended family all members of the show, and Danni wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Set up, perform, pack down, travel. 

Juno’s family circus travel the countryside of Australia performing their shows. It’s always the same routine. 

Until now.

Set up, perform, pack down, travel. 

Pax is a university student doing a video diary thesis. Embedded with the circus, a discovery is made that will turn the small family unit from one of trust and reliance, to one of betrayal, danger and mystery.

Set up, perform… die

When an old letter is discovered from the circus’ founder, Danni’s great grandfather, alluding to an inheritance held somewhere within the circus grounds, the acts of trust start to turn deadly. 

Danni and Pax must find the treasure even as the line of succession grows smaller…and all the while - the show must go on!

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