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What is 'KICK'?

In the tradition of 'Rocky' and 'Warrior', KICK is the story of a young girl struggling to overcome all that life throws at her to become a true Aussie sporting hero.

Lauren Burns, and her journey from an ordinary suburban life to the peak of international Olympic competition is an inspirational drama filled with cinematic martial arts action.

Facing debilitating injury, vicious opponents and unrelenting coaches,  Lauren finds her toughest challenge is her own self obsession, and only when she can find balance can she achieve her true potential.

Fullpoint Films has assembled the best creative and technical team to tell an uplifting Australian story with universal appeal.

The film will capture the essence of Australia’s fighting spirit, and present Lauren’s journey using the best 3D cinematography, scriptwriters and acting talent. 

This is a film that will push boundaries for Australian storytelling, and strive for international notoriety through the common human language of ‘the fight’.

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